Infrared Thermometer

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Good Quality IR Infrared Temperature Tester Thermometer Laser Gun GM700 -50-700 Degree Non-Contact Thermometer

Model: GM700.

Color: As the picture.
Accuracy: ±1.5% / or ±1.5C.
Resolution: 0.1C or 0.1F.
Wavelength: 8-14um.
Distance Spot Radio: 12:1.
Response Time: 500ms (0.5 second).
C/F unit selectable.
Backlight ON/OFF selectable.
Emissivity: 0.95Preset
Laser Target Pointer ON/OFF selectable.
Low battery indication.
MAX, MIN, AVG, DIF Reading.
Automatic data hold function.
High/Low Tempterature alarm setup.
Data Store/Recall Function. (12 Data Store/Recall)
Auto Power Shut Off in 7 Seconds without any operation.
Measurement Temperature range: -50°C-750°C ( -58°F-1382°F ).
DC 9V battery operation (Battery not Included).
Backlight selection, enable you see the temperature display at night.
Press and hold the button, this thermometer will read current surface temperature in 0.5 second. Help you measure surface temperature of hot, hazardous or hard-toreach Objects without Contact safely and quickly.



  • WIDE RANGE of Application – FDA Approved Temperature Gun safely measure temperatures from -50℃~380℃(-58°F~716°F) without Contacting with the surface and less than 500ms response time. Ideal for household use or industrial measurements; can be used for cooking, automobile maintenance, HVAC real estate, fire-watch, electrical engineering and more
  • MEASURE TEMPERATURE WITH CONFIDENCE– Accuracy is guaranteed as you use this infrared thermometer. The distance ratio is 12.1 which mean the laser grip 1080 will accurately measure targets at greater distances compared to other thermometers.
  • TARGET FASTER– This digital thermometer has an in-built laser that gives you the precision to hone in on the exact space you want to measure. You don’t have to second guess where you are pointing your IR thermometer.
  • MORE FUNCTIONS ADDED TO THIS THERMOMETER– The led screen at the back is backlit, it also has an auto on/off function to save power. This thermometer has a low battery indicator that helps you never to run out of battery.
  • TAKE IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE– This thermometer is lightweight and portable. It will perfectly fit your pocket and backpack. So, you can take it anywhere and use it anytime!
  • Product Features:

    • Infrared Thermometer
    • Precise non-contact IR thermometer, safe and easy to use.
    • Simply point to an object and read its temperature.
    • Laser sight allows accurate targeting.
    • Consist of optics, temperature sensor, signal amplifier, the processing circuit and LCD display.
    • Laser on/off switch, Auto power off & temperature data hold.
    • 6 seconds auto power off.
    • Celsius and Fahrenheit switchable.
    • Lightweight and compact.

    Suitable for:

    Hot water pipes, hot engine parts, cooking surfaces, hot tubes insulation, electrical connection, ballasts in electric lights, electric motors, bearings, wine coolers hot asphalt, swimming pools, fish tanks, hot & cold food products, heating air conditioning, etc.

    Main Technical Indexes:

    1) Normal working conditions:

    • Environment temperature range : 10°C ~ 30°C, storage temperature range: -10°C ~ -40°C
    • Relative humidity: no more than 90%
    • Power supply: 3V (1.5V * 2PCS AAA batteries)

    2) Dimension: 106mm*43mm*155mm
    3) Net weight: 130g (excluding battery)
    4) LED Accuracy: 0.1°C/°F
    5) Measurement range: GM320: -50°C ~380°C (-58°F ~716°F)
    6) Power: no more than 50mW
    7) Repeatability: ±1.5% or ±1.5°C, which should be ±3°C when the temperature is in the range of 0°C~ 25°C, whichever is greater.
    8) Response Time: 500ms
    9) Distance Spot Ratio:12:1 (under vacuum conditions)
    10) The time of automatic power off 6s
    11) Design safety standard: This product complies with CE testing standards

    Package included:

    • 1 x Infrared Thermometer (Battery not included )
    • 1 x User Manual


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